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Seedliner seed distributors

Seedliner seed distributor Seedliner seed distributor

One area of concern within John Deere 50, 60 and 90 series air-seeders includes the steel covers installed on top of the individual seeder manifolds. While these do distribute seeds fairly evenly to the seed tubes, seeds are still blown up at the inside of the steel cover at speeds of 30-50 mph (depending on the fan speed). This speed causes the seeds to have a dead stop before bouncing back down as illustrated in the image to the right. This impact can cause seed damage, especially on soybean, peas and canola, but also on wheat. Most producers try to run a low fan speed to minimize seed bounce and seed injury, but if the fan speed is dropped below the manufacturers suggested limits, plugging of the seed tubes frequently results.

One solution to help reduce the level of seedling injury while maintaining an adequate fan speed is illustrated to the right and its called a Seedliner.


The Seedliner is a product exclusive to Needham Ag Technologies, LLC and was designed and developed by Phil Needham. It consists of a high density poly diverter with a cone shape in the middle to help divert seeds without the stopping impact and reduce seed damage. Seedliners have a high degree of wear resistance and they easily install over the bolt within the John Deere manifold covers. Seedliners are available for 50 and 60/90 series John Deere air seeders.

Exact color and material specifications are subject to change.

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